3 days     
Over 70 facilitators
Over 70 live workshops and broadcasts   
Three Languages  - Hebrew, English and Arabic 

 Come join us in this magical and powerful journey - for the first    time ever online.  This festival has been celebrated for many years with women coming together in places of natural beauty.   This year is special.....  anyone, anywhere - come join us in the celebration 

  Live music events on Facebook during the day and evening

   Dance parties in zoom and live facebook
  Thursday Night at 22:30
 and Saturday Night at 21:00

Come celebrate and join women from all over the world

dancing to the same beat and creating joy and love and passion and magic 

  SHAKTI BE is now accessible from wherever you are in the world 

    A womens' celebration  - going deeper 

We are excited and honored to create this gathering together of woman from all over the world

to  be  empowered,  to grow,   to be in joy together 

To  continue to open our hearts 

In a time of worldwide change and challenges and new discoveries


We knew we had to do something special, but were unsure of what to do in

.such a worldwide pandemic and crisis 

...How do we  breathe - how does the world breathe

and slowly we began to breathe again.  And find the wisdom and courage to create

 Shakti- Be 


.An online weekend event

.Join us for 3 days of joy, inspiration and fun - without leaving your home

 Embark on a journey of self development and enrichment

 .as you delve into the fascinating and diverse offerings

:You are invited to be part of


Professional in-depth workshops

 Interviews with inspiring women

 Live broadcasts on diverse topics 

  Most of the content is in Hebrew
 We have included 19 of English and 9 Arabic  workshops 

.Details below

All this abundance at a nominal cost
 (85$) of only 300 NIS

for 3 full days

Please note: all times refer to*

Israel Standard Time

Please check times for your country


If you speak and read Hebrew
you can see the full program here

<<To the information page in Hebrew

If you have difficulty paying, contact us
and we will find a solution
<< contact Us

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