Lila Tresemer

Choosing love

 Finding a meaningful Origin Story that gives us a collective sense of purpose and direction.

Worked for decades with the Sacred Feminine, and co-creating a vessel for Her in this world!
Co-founded The StarHouse in Boulder, Colorado
which also served as a sanctuary for The Women of Vision project
for women from Israel, Palestine and the U.S.
to follow the paths of deeper knowing

She continues to support programs,
celebrations and ceremonies of sacred living—
involving the Land, the Stars, and human hearts

In 1945, near Luxor in Egypt, ancient texts came to light. Written between 50-200 A.D., they include a Creation Story that involves a Feminine Presence, or a Creative Impulse. This Feminine energy is truly involved in All that exists in matter—life universally comes from a masculine/feminine dance! Her story will be shared through a short animated film that Lila created. We will explore why an Origin Story matters to who we are in the world and how it can support us towards deeper sacred activism for the Earth at this time 

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נבנה באמצעות מערכת דפי הנחיתה של רב מסר